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Cyprus Home and Garden is here to guide you through the process of transforming your property into a home that is both comfortable and safe for you and your family. Our company provides an A to Z service that starts the moment you receive your house keys.
CHG’s wide range of services and expertise ensure that your best interests are always respected and that the process of completing your new home is simple yet efficient.
Our professional ethic code and bulk buying power guaranteesyou will get uncompromising service, quality and the best possible value for money.
Having our professional team on your side will not cost you a penny to complete your new house! In fact, our clients save themselves thousands of Euro and countless hours of frustration simply by utilizing our local knowledge, expertise, contacts and suppliers.
Our services include:
*Landscaping- our innovative team of landscape architects are able to design you a “tailor-made” outdoor living space designed around your home to be a place where you can spend quality time with your family in beautiful surroundings. They are trained to deliver plants that are best suited for Cyprus’ harsh summer climate and to ensure that your garden does not become a burden to our country’s limited natural water resources.
We will provide you with animated visuals of how CHG can transform your garden, as well as a complete realistic 3D walkthrough video presentation of what your new garden would look like should you choose to use our services.
Our company will invest in you without any promise that you will use our services. This is the level of commitment and professionalism you can expect from CHG.
*Landscaping on a budget? – CHG are able to deliver “low to no” maintenance gardens.
We will deliver a garden that fits YOUR budget.
*Furniture – practical comfort. Whether you are furnishing your home focused for the rental market or if it’s to be used at your leisure, CHG are able to furnish your home tastefully and we are able to fit any budget. Select from our wide range of set “furniture packages” or choose a personalized selection from one of our many partner manufacturers. We purchase furniture in bulk and therefore we can deliver high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual items.
Additionally, we can deliver “top of the range” custom-built or antique furniture.
Please not that our exclusive custom-made range of furniture requires 3-4 months from order to delivery.
Furniture is delivered and installed in your property and comes with a guarantee.
*Outdoor furniture and BBQ’s – the most predictable aspect in Cyprus is our weather!
 We are blessed with sun-filled days and clear star-studded nights. Everyone knows the Mediterranean way is outdoors… El Fresco-you decide the cuisine but chances are you will be eating outside.
CHG can provide you outdoor garden furniture and features to suit your budget and lifestyle. Our products range from the basic outdoor patio sets to elegant gazebos that will give you a lifetime of moments and memories. CHG can also groom and install elegant outdoor lighting and fittings for your patio, swimming pool and garden to create the perfect ambiance for your time outdoors. We will decorate your favorite olive tree or highlight your favorite shrub.
Additionally, we supply children’s playgrounds, water-features, park benches, outdoor gas heaters, BBQ’s, roof garden designs and a wide range of accessories and fittings.
*Swimming pool construction – cool down in style.  CHG will make your life even simpler with our direct wholesale contacts within the swimming pool construction industry. What this means to you is that you can now purchase a swimming pool at unbeatable prices using our bulk purchasing power. From your box standard 4 X 8, to your own personal designed overflow infinity pool, CHG will ensure you receive a quality swimming pool without spending a king’s ransom.
*White goods and kitchen appliances – let the chef in you speak. CHG’s wide range of kitchen appliances will be suitable for any household, from the basic necessities through to the “master chef” status. We can supply and install all your appliances with our “no quibble” guarantee. From the utensils to the kitchen cloth, from the toaster to the roaster, every item is covered in our in-depth catalogue. Please remember that CHG purchases stock DIRECTLY from the manufacturer/importer therefore we GUARANTEE to beat any written quotation.
*Audio and Visual - creature comforts. We are proud of our extensive range of audio and visual equipment. Stimulate your audio and visual experience with our range of full HD plasmas, blue ray surround sound systems etc. Our brands include LG, Sony, Pioneer, Bose, Samsung, B & O and many more. Whether you need the “full Monty” or if you simply want a bed-side alarm clock, we are authorized dealers therefore you are purchasing the equipment directly from the source. All equipment is quoted with installation.
*Office equipment – an office away from the office. The modern home nowadays is incomplete unless you are online. CHG again provides you the service to get your home wired-up. From a basic home computer to a complete business center, being authorized dealers of many brands, CHG guarantees you will not find it cheaper in Cyprus.
*Blinds, curtains, voiles – a personal touch! Our friendly staff will personally escort you to one of our partner distributors to select these intimate finishing touches that will warm your home. CHG has already measured all your windows and patio doors to save you time and to ensure you a hassle-free process in ordering these items. Our service and guarantees are uncompromising, therefore we ensure that every detail is cut to size and as it should be.
Alternatively, you may select from our standard range of black-out roller blinds in various colors. Our products include the average to the “top of the range” quality blinds.
*Light fittings and ceiling fans – compliment your home with shades. Your home will start to feel like home when you are comfortable. Select the mood of your house with our extensive range of light fittings, lamps and side table lamps.
*Ceilings, walls and features – the wow factor. Enter your home and experience ambient lighting. Decorate your ceiling by allowing us to install a false ceiling in your new home. We additionally install down lights, reassessed (hidden) lighting, bulkheads, detailed decorative ceilings, molded edging and much more. CHG can additionally custom design and install wall features, wall units decorative columns enclosed bookshelves and hidden compartments for your DVD player, surround sound system etc. Please ask to view photos of our work.
*Fly screens – buzz off! In any hot Mediterranean climate you may occasionally have some friendly visitors. This is great as long as they only have two legs.
Let us incorporate fly screens to your windows and patio doors so that you may enjoy the evening breeze without annoying insect visitors, enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
*Aluminum shutters – Hello breeze, goodbye sun. Keep your home cooler by installing shutters to your home. This allows the breeze in without the powerful sun rays. This means, less need for air-conditioning. Shutters also add extra security to your property. CHG already have the correct measurements for your home to ensure a speedy hassle-free installation.
*Sky and satellite installations – now and again everyone needs some familiarity. Sometimes we need to put up our feet and relax to our favorite show. Be sure to install a system so that you don’t miss out on your favorite program or sport.
*Water softener / de-scale – every country has its good and bad points. Lime scale is unfortunately one of Cyprus’ bad points. Although the tap water is drinkable most of the local population would rather drink bottled water. With the installation of a water softener, lime scale is successfully removed from your water supply. This prevents build-up in your taps, shower screens, kettle, pots and pans, dishwasher and washing machine which if left alone will cause your appliances to deteriorate and eventually, malfunction. This item may not be essential for every home (although it will make your life easier), you may eliminate the need for a water softener by flushing out your tap filters regularly, carefully cleaning your shower screens after each use and ensure that your dishwasher, fridge (American type) and washing machine water filters are cleaned or replaced regularly.
*Extra water tank and water treatment plant – rain, rain go away? Believe it or not Cypriots pray for rain. At the moment Cyprus is facing a national natural disaster-a water shortage! Cypriots are currently experiencing water cuts and tremendous restrictions of the use of water. This unfortunately is everybody’s problem. The solution is to be water conscious and take precautions. Install an extra water tank to your property to ensure a supply of water even during water cuts.
CHG can even install a water treatment plant in your garden that will recycle light waste water from your home, suitable for watering the garden.
*Swimming pool cover – it’s cool to have. Most parents with small children would insist on a cover for their swimming pool for obvious reasons. However, in Cyprus we need one for less obvious reasons. The local Cyprus authorities have now imposed a ban on topping up your swimming pool with tap water. This means that you need to arrange a maintenance company (see next paragraph) to physically bring a tanker of water to your pool weekly to top it up. With a pool cover (electric or manual); you reduce the water evaporation 10 fold saving you a serious amount of money in ongoing costs of water top-ups. The system will easily pay for itself.
*Swimming pool maintenance including water top-up – pool, friend or foe? Your swimming pool will be your best friend to cool down in the extreme hot summer months. The problem is, nobody enjoys (or has the time) to clean this huge amount of water. A swimming pool requires constant supervision and maintenance or water discoloration is almost instant. It will turn into a health hazard if it is not properly maintained, even if it’s not used. Leave the dirty work to us. CHG offers an efficient program of pool maintenance that will ensure you blue shimmering (and very inviting) water. We do arrange top-ups weekly or when necessary (with pool covers).
*Garden maintenance – sit back and relax! Now that you have your own personal oasis, CHG will undertake to keep your sanctuary perfect. Our professional maintenance teams pride themselves on their work. Whether it needs a weekly touch up or detailed manicuring, CHG undertakes to maintain your garden.
(Please note: as a policy, CHG will only maintain gardens that were purchased with us.).
*Pamper center – completely unwind. CHG supplies and installs indoor and outdoor Spas, Jacuzzis®, saunas, home gym equipment and exercise equipment.
*Insurance – rather have it and not need it! The moment you accept delivery of your house, the developer’s insurance policy will terminate leaving your home exposed. Fortunately, insurance premiums in Cyprus are a fraction of the cost of general European countries. This is thanks to the very low crime rate in Cyprus. CHG strongly encourages all our clients to keep their property adequately insured. CHG offers home owners insurance, home contents insurance, worldwide medical cover, life insurance, retirement annuities, investment and endowment policies, critical illness cover and motor vehicle/boat insurance.
*Conclusion - Cyprus Home and Garden eliminates any stress you may have in completing your new home.
We guarantee that using our services will save you thousands of pounds simply because of our huge buying power. The fact that we trade with manufacturers that offer the best value for money will further benefit you.
Make this process fun and exciting by letting us do all the hard work – it’s free!
Are you unsure if our services will be beneficial to you? Simply test us.
  • Our landscaping team has “state of the art” facilities and technology, experience, respect for the environment and our commitment to service excellence ensures your complete satisfaction. We are extremely competitive with our prices without compromising the quality of our gardens.
  • Specialists in producing all types of Mediterranean gardens designed specifically for you. Designs are tailor-made at no extra cost (this includes the master plan of your garden).
  • You will be treated as if you are our only customer.
  • Our fluent English speaking staff is always on hand to assist you with every detail of your property.
  • Your personal liaison will be dedicated to providing you with the best advice and expertise. This service is provided at no extra cost.
  • Extensive choices with any of our products.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction; all products and services come with our “no quibble” guarantee.
  • We have extensive knowledge of local suppliers and manufacturers which guarantee you get the best value for money.
  • 90% of all our customers are referrals.
  • We shop around so you don’t have to.
  • We are a small company that packs a big punch.
I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction of how we can help you to complete your new home. I look forward to meeting you in person at your convenience.
Please let me know your thoughts on using Cyprus Home and Garden.
Kind regards,